Back in the ’90s, a new client (still with us today!) – frustrated with commodity hosting companies and their revolving door support staff crew – described the TranGuard team as a boutique, where they could find just what they wanted. They stopped settling for near misses in other assembly-line offerings, but still avoided having to build and run it all themselves. The boutique analogy still fits, and our clients still say the same thing: they appreciate our flexibility, and the mix of talent and technologies to match up with their unique needs. We are a specialty provider, relative to many mass-market-style hosting operations, because there are organizations that need a more custom-fit model.


Simple web sites, private cloud storage, complex e-commerce platforms, intra-facing corporate apps, e-mail, databases, dedicated servers, Synology NAS services, and migration/consulting services in support of each – we’re here to help with whatever you need to put online, and we embrace unusual situations. Of particular note: we understand the need to glue a public web presence to secure back-office data and processes, and can provide finely-tuned VPN connectivity for private web services, channeled access to hosted databases, and more. And of course we can handle all of your domain, DNS, and SSL/TLS security management chores. And we’re serious about uptime. Very serious.

For a sense of scale: Our hosting customers range from mid-size companies that you’ll recognize as household brands, to large non-profit membership associations, smaller retailers, and even mom-and-pop sized businesses. What all of those clients have in common is a preference to not do this work on their own. Contact us for some quick insight into how our blend of services might serve you, as well.

Custom Development

Server-side scripts in a range of environments, custom middleware running errands between your web site and your back office, custom message-handling, desktop apps, and mobile-friendly wares – we’d like to hear what you need, and to talk with you about how we can help you get it done.

Some of our customers are running web sites on entirely custom stacks that we’ve put together for them, and others have simply needed a hand tweeking standard-issue scripts or a CMS to suit their tastes. We get custom work, and get that dev budgets can be very hard to nail down. Contact us to see if we can review a past project of ours that’s similar to yours, and that can help to launch the process.


Leverage our custom monitoring platform, and have us set up targeted probes that will continually look in on your web-facing systems for responsiveness and expected behavior. We have a lot of systems to monitor as part of our datacenter operations, and can extend our custom tools to help keep you posted about the performance of your systems – even systems that we’re not hosting. Each monitoring situation is unique, with different expectations, messaging requirements, and measurement/logging nuances – we know, because we built this system to handle our own needs when we couldn’t find an exact fit from a third party.

The best system monitoring strategies usually involve more than one engine checking in for signs of life – and we offer a modestly priced way to augment however you’re currently keeping an eye on things – the better to get a “second opinion” by TXT or in your email, when something’s not right. Of course, we can couple such monitoring with our managed services offerings, so that even though you’ll get a heads-up about a problem, we can already be at work solving it for you.

Managed Services

In short, we do the nitty-gritty, tricky, 3:00-AM-ish stuff so that you don’t have to. When you couple our managed services work with hosting that we’re providing for you, it’s on us to keep things patched, up to date, and running smoothly. The idea is to handle those chores for you on a regular basis, at a known cost, so that you don’t have to pay for unexpected consulting fees when a relatively routine administrative task comes up. You know that alarm you have set on your phone, to make sure you’re up before your visitors and internal users in the morning and knowing if things are working? Choose to Snooze. We’ve got it.

Creative Services

Contemporary web content is inexorably tied to technical production processes, complex standards and protocols, and the need for agile storage and workflow systems. We can help with any or all of that, from setting up content workflow platforms to video services, product photography, logo work, and copy. Such work is highly collaborative, and we take pride in our ability to become part of your creative process. Such work is challenging, but should be a truly positive experience for everyone involved. Contact us about location media work, help with stock images, selecting a CMS theme that’s a good fit, or setting up another content provider or creative team with just the right level of access to your hosted platform.