About TranGuard


Evolving over 20 years from the web services business unit of a financial systems consultancy in 1997 to its current form as its own focused business, TranGuard Systems has maintained its people and maintained its mission: we put technology to work for our clients, and do it with information security as a central focus. Productivity, rich content, custom media systems, reliable up-time – every bit is vitally important. But it’s a house of cards without enough consideration given to guarding the moving data, identities, and the transactions that are such systems’ reason for existing.

To that end, we provide carefully customized hosting platforms as well as managed, consultative, and creative services through a variety of engagement models. From quick one-time projects to long-term professional services arrangements, we shape each relationship to suit the client’s circumstances. While we do provide “commodity” services (hosted NAS, virtual servers, basic web hosting, secure e-mail, etc), most of our clients find real value in our willingness to tackle more unusual tasks and situations with a twist or two. But we always proceed with information security and service reliability in mind.

We are – and draw upon – a diverse team of experienced experts, and maintain a network of carefully selected ancillary service providers that have demonstrated many years of trustworthy support and services that augment our central strengths. Our brand name was born in the early days of e-commerce, when creating a secure web transaction between buyers and sellers was still new ground for most retail and B2B operations. We’ve been at it ever since.


We offer traditional creative services – from content authoring and graphics to web design and image/video production – but we like to mention another flavor of creativity. There are now so many technical strategies, products, services, disciplines, and frameworks available that weaving together a client’s solution, drawing on that huge palette of evolving tools, is an artful discipline unto itself. Service-marrying and technology-blending present a venue for a new type of creative work and innovation: choosing which tools to stitch together, align, modify, and deploy in a recipe that meets a client’s needs with an elegant solution.

Professional People & Partners

This is simple: we are, and only work with experienced professionals. We ourselves have dealt with service providers that lower their overhead by staffing up with inexperienced associates willing to work for less, and thus costing less by the hour. We’ve decided we don’t want to work in that mode, and network within our community of long-term, experienced pros, and work with partners that have a real and successful track record in their field. Experience saves you money because time is money, and seasoned pros get the job done with less fuss. It really is that simple.


Our average client has been with us for over ten years – some for twenty. In the whirlwind churn of the tech services marketplace, that’s a remarkable achievement of which we’re justly proud. The reason for those long relationships? Results, and the trust that comes with that performance history.

If you’re new to TranGuard, be sure to contact us about references. You’ll get a sense of how you’ll feel, years from now, having made the decision to involve us in your work. We choose customers, and they choose us, because we all know what’s possible when everyone involved is serious about the results.